App getting rejected

We are trying to upload the freshdesk app on freshworks marketplace but after a successful upload I am getting an app rejected. I didn’t get any reason or clue why it’s getting rejected. Is there any permission or certification required for submission? We are facing this issue. Could you please guide us? It will be very helpful.

Hi Mayank,
You would have received an email regarding the reason for the app rejection. Let us know if you didn’t get any email.

Hi Mani Deepak,
after uploading the app in developer portal success message is printing in developer portal ui. but once page refresh i am getting Rejected message. and i didn’t received any email regarding the reason for app rejection.

Mayank Jha

Hey Mayank,

What is your app code coverage? App usually gets rejected immediately if your app doesn’t have that desired value. Each component in the coverage summary should be at least 80% for apps to be submitted in Freshworks Marketplace.
here’s the link to found out more about coverage report and how to test your app.

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Your app did not meet the basic coverage. We saw you raised another app with the same name and had passed basic checks. Let us know if you are facing any issues.

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Hi There,
Following on from this thread.
Our first version of the App is approved and in the marketplace.
We submitted an updated App, but it has been rejected.
We have not received the Email with the reasons and why.
Could you help advise how to resolve?