App.initialized is loading forever in react application in Brave and Edge browsers

There is a strange behaviour I noticed when I submitted AI Smart Assist app for review.
Here is a recording. App Loading Issue - YouTube

The app seems to render fine on Chrome. However, in Brave and Edge it does not proceed and seems to be stuck in app.initialized() forever.

I updated the Brave browser to the latest Chromium version 113.0 and the issue disappeared.
However, it still remains on Edge. There is also a customer support ticket that I received for the already published Version 1 of the app not working on Edge.

Please help in addressing this issue. @Raviraj @Saif @kaustavdm @Asif

I add several console logs to my React application, specifically before and after the app.initialized() method was called.

useEffect(() => {
    if (!loaded) {
    console.log('before app initialized');
    app.initialized().then((client) => {
      console.log('App initialized');
      setChild(<HomePage />);
      console.log('child set');
  }, [loaded]);

The success callback of app.initialized() was never called as evidenced by the logs.

This is now happening to another published app also.

Perhaps, it might be an issue with the latest version of appclient causing this behaviour or it could have something to do with the Chromium version.

Like I said, it works fine always on Chrome, but behaves funnily on Edge and Brave.

@Asif @Raviraj

Arun Rajkumar

Hey @arunrajkumar235,

Could you try the useLayoutEffect hook instead of useEffect and check if it’s still an issue, as mentioned in this post?

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This worked @Raviraj , thanks for the quick response.

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