App is not defined error in Freshdesk frontend application

Hi Community,

I’m randomly facing “app is not defined” issue on App.initialized() event.The reply click event used in my application is also not working when “app is not defined” issues occurs on App initialization. The app works as expected without any interruption but this issue keeps coming up repeatedly and hence the app is inconsistent.

Attached the screenshots for reference.

Good Day! Welcome to the community,
I think you need to call the init function only after the document content is loaded other wise it won’t work as expected.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hi Santhosh Balusamy,

Thanks for your reply.

My bad i din’t notice that. I did fdk create and build the app on top of it, missed noticing. Just a doubt here, Usually the fdk create would add the document ready function. But this is missed do i have to update any fdk version ?


I would suggest updating the FDK with the latest version and trying the same,
and meanwhile, you can refer to our sample app repo for more reference.


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