App is stuck in Draft state since Crayons release

Hi @kaustavdm Since this morning our app is broken with this error

index-e608b2e3.js:2698 TypeError: Failed to resolve module specifier './fw-spinner.entry.js'. The base URL is about:blank because import() is called from a CORS-cross-origin script.
    at eval (eval at Ye (p-b70efe44.system.js:1:21976), <anonymous>:3:1)
    at loadModule (index-e608b2e3.js:2714:12)
    at initializeComponent (index-e608b2e3.js:1924:20)
    at index-e608b2e3.js:2074:32Preformatted text

Is it the consequences of this new version ?

Thanks in advance

Hello @kaustavdm it seems not unfortunately our app is still broken :frowning:

Just noticedd that my application is still in draft and wasn’t published with the fix and i can’t update it anymore can you pleas fix that so i can push the update ?

@msenhaji I extracted your queries in a separate thread here. Can you please share the following information:

  • product
  • domain
  • account ID
  • app ID
  • region

Yes we noticed the same @Raviraj it is the change of crayon version that is causing the trouble.

@Santhosh We had to update the CDN in a hurry this morning. sorry to ask but is there a chance to see our updated validated soon because we did no more change to the code except the CDN we do have people working with our app and having it broken is not good for our image thanks in advance

Hi @msenhaji
can you please share us the APP details,

I will push to review ASAP


Thanks @Santhosh for your quick feedback @Raviraj has contacted me already i shared with him the details thanks for your responsiveness !


Hello @Santhosh my app is stil in draft since last week and it is supposed to be deployed …

@Mughela_Chandresh can you help us here?

@msenhaji Is the app deployed? If not please share the app Id so that I can check the logs for any issues.

How to get app Id ?
open your app in the developer portal and share the url.

Thanks and Regards,
Mughela Chandresh

Hi @Mughela_Chandresh Here it is

no the app is stuck in draft i have been told that it was reviewed and validated but finally not

@msenhaji The app was submitted on 1st of April, 2022 and the submission was cancelled on the same day. Hence the app remains in draft state. If an app submission is cancelled the app will be in draft state.

Kindly resubmit the app and check if the app state is changed to under review. Please let me know if you are facing any further issues.

Thanks and Regards,
Mughela Chandresh

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hi @kaustavdm i spoke to someone last week the app is now under review since friday.
here the APP ID

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Understood. Let us know on this thread if the review hasn’t cleared soon enough. If not, we’ll still need the specific information I requested earlier.

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@kaustavdm unfortunately still no news the app is under review still

@msenhaji I just learned that all the reviews are cleared, and the app will be published soon.

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@kaustavdm It was deployed i have tried but it is still broken. Honestly i started to despear.

@kaustavdm it seems that i took sometime to propagate now it is working fine so far we will watch it during next days. Thanks for your responsiveness

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