App isn't working from the ticket_top_navigation location

“platform-version”: “2.3”,
“product”: {
“freshdesk”: {
“location”: {
“ticket_top_navigation”: {
“url”: “index.html”,
“icon”: “styles/images/icon.svg”
“engines”: {
“node”: “18.19.0”,
“fdk”: “9.0.9”

From the above manifest of my application
I get the below error while I click my app icon…

Add imag



Hey @jagadheesh,
I see that you are unable to run the app locally.

From the error message I see that platform version 2.3 is missing and also manifest.json has whitelisted-domains, can you share if this manifest.json shared here is the lastest or if this is something you are migrating from 2.2 to 2.3 and is not saved?

Hi. @zach_jones_noel
Thanks for your concern.
Now my query got it clear.

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