App OAuth trigger button

We are facing an issue with the installation flow for the QuickBooks app. Presently, the OAuth is initiated when we click on the install button for the QuickBooks app from the marketplace listing page. However, QuickBooks require that OAuth must be initiated only by clicking on the ‘Connect to QuickBooks’ button which follows a specific styling. The other method which takes text input as params to initiate OAuth has a button called ‘Continue’ to initiate OAuth, which again doesn’t follow Quickbooks requirements. We thought of having another screen after the user clicks on the install button which would contain the ‘Connect to QuickBooks’ button, clicking on which would initiate OAuth. But, I understand from GeekFactory (the SI partner working on it) that this cannot be implemented directly due to restrictions from the marketplace side. Could you please suggest ways to implement OAuth as per QuickBooks requirements along with the challenges involved in them?

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