App takes ages to be approved

Hi everyone,

Do you know how one can have a reasonable timing in the approval process?
A small change to adapt our app to the changes required by Freshdesk is taking now more than a month to get through the approval process. First it was difficult to find out what the problem was for an initial rejection - finally I found out it was three small typos - like url or api should be written in caps. I fixed them, but now it’s been already 23 days since I resubmitted and I have no answer. Also, Freshdesk support only tells me to wait more.

Do you have any idea about how can one have a more consistent deployment schedule for a Freshdesk app where updates and new features can reach the users in a more efficient way?



Hi Dan,

Could you share your App ID?

We will check where has been a delay for your app and if there is something we can improve to make the app review process faster.

Hi Raviraj,

Yes, the slug is 7208-identity_integration

Thank you!


Hi @dan_declic,

For your last app submission, the app reviewers actually trying to reach out to your team since the submission to get a demo of the application functionality for the QA review.

Could you please take a look at the inbox of the support email and alternate email provided during the app submission? You can view those emails from the developer portal where the app is submitted from.

Let me know if you have any other concerns with the app review. We could investigate further if there any exceptions for any apps to take a long time at our end.

Hi Raviraj,

This is strange, since there is no update whatsoever in the status (I would expect to receive here a message saying something about the action I need to take):

Furthermore, a collegue of mine reached out to Freshdesk support again 4 days ago and this was the reply - to write in the community:

Also, my email address is added to the app so I am easy to reach.

Also, the app was still in QA 24 days ago and there was no update in Freshworks that there was anything wrong with it except the typos I mentioned - the only link I received from Saif was related to the content:

The demo field in the application was not mandatory and I didn’t provide it because the description is very self explanatory. I can do a demo video, but uploading one will further increase the wait time with another 14 days after which I will have to start inquiring again about the status of the app. I would record a demo right now and upload it if you can tell me that this will not postpone again the approval with another two weeks.

So, can I send you the link to a video demo without resubmitting the app (and wait two more weeks)?

I added now a link to the Youtube demo in a Freshdesk task. I hope this works.


Hi Dan,

Apologies for this experience you had to go through. I will create a DM thread to let you know which email addresses were used to reach out to you and your team from our app review team. You can check your inbox and confirm me if you are able to see the emails.

I will check with the team if they can see the demo video that you have added and confirm to you. If it is missing, you can share me the demo video on the DM thread and I can get it used by the app review team to continue with the QA process.

I will also take it as a feedback to show the app review status or any requirements to show in the App Management Portal.


  • Due to an issue at our review system, the updated contact information are not up-to date and the communication did not reach Dan (the app owner) to provide the required details. We are working on to fix this issue.
  • We got the demo video from Dan passed it on to our app review team to proceed with the app review process.
  • The app review is in progress and the app will be published after the app clears the app reviews.

Reach out to Freshworks team through support if there are no communication received though email on the contact email addresses post the app submission for more than a week.