App takes too long to be updated

Hi Guys,

Whenever I update or upload an app in the developer portal(for freshservice) it is taking anywhere from 20 mins to to 1 Hour to 24 hours for the app to show than an update is available or to appear in the custom app gallery.

This problem is not there in the freshdesk portal.

Kindly suggest a solution as this affecting our development as most of our time goes away for the app to be updated before we test.

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@syedm - This generally happens because of :freshservice: cache. I do not know much about the irregularity of the time that it takes, but I definitely understand the time it takes and as developers we usually distracted from deep focus.

We have been working with both :freshservice: and :freshdesk: team for a long time to solve this problem by rolling out new version of app management page within host freshworks product.

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