Application blocked under review state

Hello, Our app seems to be blocked under review process status. I spoke with the agent responsible to review the submission done on the 9th after his feedbacks but he says that he can not have access anymore to it although it is under review.

I contacted our ISV annd he said that we must post here the problem.

Hi @msenhaji

Hope you are safe.

You mean the app that has been submitted is still in the review process? If so, Kindly share the appId and appName so that we can check it from our end.

Thank you

Yes and an agent tried to review it but she said she can’t but she don’t know why. The app name is Lodago and the id is 18258. Thanks @Mughela_Chandresh

Hey @msenhaji

Sorry for causing any inconvenience. Can you please cancel the app submission by clicking on “cancel submission” and try resubmitting it once again by clicking on save and publish ?

Thanks and Regards,
Mughela Chandresh

I just did @Mughela_Chandresh can you check ?

Thank you so much @msenhaji . Agent has been assigned and the app will be reviewed soon. Will keep you posted.

Mughela Chandresh

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