Application_fields API Endpoint returns incorrect field list

When using the application_fields endpoint to obtain the list of fields in the Software object the returned set shows a field name of user_id for the Managed By field. This should be managed_by_id for updates and creates.

Hi Ian, can you share the response you received while updating a software object? Also the payload you used for the request.

If you follow the description of the problem you will see that I am calling the application_fields endpoint to find the names of the fields I can supply for create and update of a software (application) component.

If you examine the response you will find that the managed_by_id field is actully listed as user_id. It does not appear to specificy the correct field name of managed_by_id therfor the field list is incorrect and cannot be used to generate payloads for create or update.

Hey @IanAber

Thank you for sharing this feedback.

I believe you might be making a recommendation to correct/improve the response payload a particular :freshservice: API generates. Do you mind sharing a reference/link to the API and documentation you are referring to so we can act on this appropriately?

Please try this and check the list of fields returned.

Thanks @IanAber

Do you also mind sharing a reference to any documentation you were referring to for the same please?

There is no documentation.




That is interesting. How did you learn about this API then, I wonder :slight_smile:

Shall we capture this as feedback here in the community for now? It would be good if we could also capture how you learned about this API.

I assumed, apparently incorrectly, that those who designed and wrote the api for Freshworks would have provided a logical and consistent api across the product range. There are other end points which provide field lists that are documented, such as ticket_fields so I naturally assumed that a similar endpoint would be available for all objects. It would appear that I was partially right.

The whole API should be consistent and complete. It has a long way to go to get to that goal. Let us just hope that someone from development, with a conscience, is listening.

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