Applications - Issue with the same app on different Freshdesk instances

we have an issue which seems to be cookie related for an app that we have developed when we try to test the app on different Freshdesk instances.

we have tried the one instance in an incognito mode and it worked which makes us think that it is related to the cookies…

Does anyone know if cookies affect the apps and how they affect them?

Hi @dalerosenberg,

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What is the actual issue? That will help analyze the cause of it.
The cookies can cause issues if the app depends on it. But it depends on the cookie use as well.

Hi @Raviraj ,

Thanks so much for responding.

We have our app installed on two different Freshdesk instances. The one is our development instance and another is a client.

The developer instance was installed first and it works perfectly, where you can send and receive SMS’s (Text msgs) from within a ticket in Freshdesk.

When we then installed the app on the customer’s instance it would send but the replies wouldn’t come into Freshdesk, however the replies are being received by the sms engine.

When we investigated it looked like there were authentication issues on the customer’s FD site almost like it was using the wrong credentials.
So we tried the customer’s site in Incognito mode and it worked… almost like the cookies were storing the developer instance app credentials?

all of the above was done on the same machine.

That’s why we thought it had something to do with the cookies…
We weren’t sure whether we needed to do something in particular to ensure that the app used the correct credentials and not the stored credentials?

Does this make sense?

any ideas? or Suggestions?

Does influence the FDK at all? We have an issue where apps on different Freshdesk instances are getting confused with their API keys

the two FD instances talk to a single back end on our side

@Raviraj any ideas?

@dalerosenberg The FDK is hosted at the same domain with this link

Could you describe the issue if you’re seeking to troubleshoot it?

I have asked Adam to add his comments from a dev perspective

Hi there @Raviraj there seems to be a problem in Freshdesk where we are running two instances of the app front-end concurrently with one back-end. This is causing the app to get confused and i would like to know from your side is there any place where values might be stored other than the application and in a scenario where an application has more than one company as its user are there any cases that it needs special treatment.