Apply CSS properties in Crayons components

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to apply some CSS properties in Crayons components but I’m not able to do it.

I would like to set a margin in my component, like this:

PS: The ‘margin-bottom’ isn’t applied even when on Chrome inspector.

Could you help me on this?

Thank you.

Hi Marcelo,

The code you wrote should work properly. I will check on why this is not working and get back to you.

In the mean time, you can use the CSS property

position: relative

along with the property bottom (or top, left, right) to achieve what you are looking for.

I will update this thread once I have confirmed the reason for margin-bottom not working

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Hi @omarcelo ,

We have noticed the issue that you mentioned. Could you please raise this as an issue in the crayons github repo. This will allow us to track the issue and fix it. Additionally, it will also help you track the progress made with respect to fixing this issue