Are react apps supported under Freshsales / Freshworks CRM?

I have successfully gotten a custom app to show up when I use “freshworks_crm” in the manifest and use the “my first app” template offered in the menu.

However, I’ve noticed that the react app template is only available under freshdesk.

Does this mean that react apps are not officially supported under freshsales? Or is this just a documentation deficit?

Hi @Mark_Muday ,

Agreed, we don’t have starter templates for FCRM with react, however, from a platform perspective it is supported for all the products. You can build and upload apps with React and Vue to the Freshworks Dev platform, irrespective of Products.

It is intuitive that supported app templates need not be exclusive per product, hence we didn’t add them to all. Having said that if adding more starter templates helps, will ensure it is being addressed.


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