Assistance required with publishing custom app

we’ve been trying to publish our custom app for Freshsales for months now. Originally when we published our app, we were given two tickets/tasks -

We incorporated the recommendations provided in these tasks and published a newer version. Even though the newer version shows that its status is published, neither does it show up on the marketplace, nor do we get any response on the tasks mentioned above.

Can someone help us with -

  • What are we missing here, and what steps need to be taken next in order to get the app published?
  • Is there comprehensive documentation available that we can refer to?
    • Feedback or additional changes that need to be done within our app if there’s anything still left > once and for all, so that we can be done with the to & fro.
  • Current status of the application and what steps are left to be taken from our side.

Hey @Saurav_Sood,

While I’m glad you have been updating the app based on feedback, apologize for the experience you’ve had.

About app submission, you can read about it in our docs - Freshworks Developer Docs | Freshworks apps

Once you submit, you will receive updates about the app over email communication but if you want to know the status of the app review, you can request a ticket -

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