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Customer has built a custom app to convert conversations from Liveperson when they are closed, however since the conversations are reopened and closed multiple times, the notifications are triggered to Freshdesk multiple times and as the conversation id is same in all these conversations they are merged to the initial ticket created for this conversation as per the code logic, however the issue is that when multiple notes are added, the Agents find it difficult due to which they’ve written another logic to delete the private notes on the ticket which is not triggering everytime, could we find the issue on why the delete note API is not triggering?

App file - server.js

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Hi @Akshai_Venusuba,

I have checked the attached file code. It has some duplicate code and couldn’t exactly find when is the delete action happening. It would be great if you could mention when is this happening as in any event in Freshdesk or an external application. And what is the flow before that?

I see there’s also a delay(5) seconds used which is to delay before merging two tickets and going for the next one. Not sure if it works. If it works, it will delay the execution by 5 seconds before continuing to the next ticket. So, sometimes, the execution will timeout before completing the merging process and going for deleting the private notes.

All the platform events have some timeout. So, please do not add any delays in the function. Try to do it immediately and use scheduled events for any delayed actions.

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