Async unexpected token function

I’m writing a client side app for freshworks crm.

I’m getting error on pack and validate. Its been running fine with “fdk run”

stevemc@sMac16-2 Training % fdk pack
Packing failed due to the following issue(s):
[ERROR] app/scripts/app.js::100: Parsing error: Unexpected token function
stevemc@sMac16-2 Training % fdk validate
Validation failed due to the following issue(s):

code at line 100 is the following:

async function renderTable(contact_id) {

This is the 1st occurrence of an async function. I don’t think I can implement w/o them or at least its going to be a lot of rework.

I really hope someone is not going tell me that async/await is not supported in fdk.

Hey @stevemc ,

The latest version of the FDK 7.x which we released last week supports async/await, could you please check if you are running the latest version of the FDK?

Stay Safe :slight_smile:

That’s strange. I’m on macos and it says I have latest - 6.1.3:

stevemc@sMac16-2 Training % fdk version
Installed: 6.13.2
Already Up to Date..!

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