Attaching .wav audio file

I’m trying to update the audio file .wav from freshcaller to freshservice ticket.while updating im only receiving a empty key pair and audio file does not reflect in the ticket.i have tried using FS FS is not supported i have used request request method the updated ticket response comes as emtpy array of objects.

    console.log("entered into update the attchment", transcripttext)
    let data = {};

    data["attachments[]"] = [{
        "value": request(recordedaudio),
        'options': {
            'filename': 'recording.wav',

    console.log(data, "data in the attachmentsss")
    try {

        console.log(data, "final log data for setting thr attachment")

                headers: {
                    'Authorization': "Basic " + btoa(authInfo.fs_apikey),
                    'Content-Type': "multipart/form-data"
                url: "https://" + authInfo.fs_domain + "/api/v2/tickets/" + ticketid,
                formData: JSON.stringify(data),
                staticIP: true,

            function (error, response, body) {
                if (error) {
                        "Failed to update attachment in the cloned ticket -->",
                    renderData(error, null);
                // renderData(null, { body });
                console.log("success", body, response);



    catch (err) {
        console.log(err, "error adding attachment")



the recorded audio passed to the request method is a s3 downloadable link.

![logs after updating the audio file|690x251](upload://fzzbqkOC9SCwZGnr8iGZDG8RjXI.png)

i have attached the logs after updating the audio file in freshservice ticket.

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