Attachment_ids in Update Multiple Ticket API

What is attachment_ids in Update Multiple Ticket API and how can we generate it?

Is there any API to upload files and get an attachment_id before calling the update multiple ticket API ?

Hi @Abhishek ,

Tickets can be created with attachments and if a ticket has attachments you would get those attachment details in the /api/v2/tickets/[id] end point.

Sample response:

  "cc_emails" : [""],
  "fwd_emails" : [ ],
  "reply_cc_emails" : [""],
  "email_config_id" : null,
  "fr_escalated" : false,
  "group_id" : null,
  "priority" : 1,
  "requester_id" : 1,
  "responder_id" : null,
  "source" : 2,
  "spam" : false,
  "status" : 2,
  "subject" : "",
  "company_id" : 1,
  "id" : 20,
  "type" : null,
  "to_emails" : null,
  "product_id" : null,
  "created_at" : "2015-08-24T11:56:51Z",
  "updated_at" : "2015-08-24T11:59:05Z",
  "due_by" : "2015-08-27T11:30:00Z",
  "fr_due_by" : "2015-08-25T11:30:00Z",
  "is_escalated" : false,
  "association_type" : null,
  "description_text" : "Not given.",
  "description" : "<div>Not given.</div>",
  "custom_fields" : {
    "category" : "Primary"
  "tags" : [ ],
  "attachments" : [ ] // you'll get the list of attachments here

In your case to use update multiple tickets API, you would be aware of the ticket ID’s using which you can fetch the respective attachments for the tickets. Let say you got an array like [attachment ID1, attachment ID2…] & if you wish to update a set of tickets with those attachments pass the array of attachment ID’s accordingly.

Guess, this is the way it works. Hope this helps.


Thanks, @mariappan , This will work for existing files, how can we update multiple tickets with new attachments?

Hi @Abhishek ,

I didn’t find a direct option available to upload file objects with this endpoint. However, there is a property available cloud_files which is just an array of objects that let you add cloud attachments to be added to the reply.

Could not be the ideal one you’re expecting but check if it helps as it’s the current feasibility available with this endpoint.