Attachment Preview is blocked for PDF

Attachment Manager marketplace application organizes all ticket attachments, access them from one common location and view/download all the attachments.

In the Ticket sidebar, the app list all the attachments, once we click it, it opens the attachment URL in a new tab.

For Image type, it previews the image as expected. Whereas PDF we are getting “ is blocked”.

Yet, we have a workaround to resolve this issue. you can view/download the attachments in the following ways

  • Right-click on the attachment in the app widget and click the Open link in the new tab.
  • Click on the attachment along with the Ctrl key.

Can you please clarify on “ is blocked”?

you are not able to view the PDF via App, since our App is rendered via Iframe and it is sand boxed,
browser won’t allow you to view the content (due to sandbox).
We generally advice to download the PDF instead of opening in the new tab

Hope it helps :slight_smile:



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