Automated notifications in case of updates to apps (in case of no auto-update)

Hi team,

The VSTS app stopped working for one of my customers the other day and this was due to an update to the app that the customer was unaware of, as the app does not have an auto-update function enabled apparently. I don’t think this is the best possible customer experience and we should have a mechanism in place to prevent the app/integration from dysfunction. Can this be looked at or is this considered?

Hi @Joey_Domhof,

The title and the description is confusing to understand the problem here.

Did the app updated without customer updating it while the auto-update is not enabled?
Or the other way, your feedback is about notifying the customer about an app update that’s available for the customer?

Hi Raviraj,

Agreed, apologies. The update (change) to the app was made by the dev team, but as auto-update was not enabled for this app, the customer was not running the latest version, which resulted in a “malfunction”. Does it make sense now?

@Joey_Domhof Thanks for your clarification and for the great feedback. :smile:

The auto-update feature was introduced to address the same problem. Still there are times when the developer or the customer do not require the app to be automatically updated but notified effectively to the account admins.
So, there are rooms we can improve this customer experience, I hope.

We suggest to use auto-update feature whenever a breaking change is introduced in an updated version of the app.

I will get this feedback passed to the respective team member to take additional measures to address this CX gap. If you could think any suggestion to address this problem, I would really appreciate and welcome suggestion from you and the community members. :slight_smile:

We will post updates to this thread if this problem is addressed with any additional measures in the user-experience.