Automatically login customers


We’ve a platform where all customers are already authenticated.

We would like to automatically authenticate customer in Freshdesk. Our questions are:

  1. Is it possible to automatically activate customers as soon as they are created in Freshdesk?

  2. Is it possible to automatically authenticate users somehow? Ej.: generating an unique login url via API

We’re trying to reduce the issues caused by account activation ( sometimes the email bounces or there are other errors ) as well as issues logging in.

If this is not possible, is there an easy way of allowing a customer to access his tickets?

Hello @fernandomm

Thank you for reaching out with your query. It would appear that you are seeking assistance with a feature of a Freshworks product - in this case Freshdesk. Since this community is mainly populated with developers, we may not have the expertise to answer your query.

May I request that you repost your question at

If you believe this is indeed a question for developers, do elaborate to help us with the right level of detail in terms of how you are looking at a solution. Is this an app you are trying to build perhaps?

Good question, I am also interested to find a solution for this. Any ideas?