Automatically open the APP in New Ticket Create Page

Hello Team,

There is an app in New Ticket Create location.

As soon as the requester’s email is added and if the APP is activated by the agent, then the data associated with the requester will be seen in the APP window.

We need to make sure that the agent does not have to open the APP before entering the requester’s email.

Please let me know if we can make the APP activated automatically in the New Ticket Create page location.

Akhil S Kulkarni

Hi @Akhil_Kulkarni,
Good Day!
You can use the Events Methods to listen for the requester changes,

Note: without activating/opening the app, you can’t listen for this event.

the workaround is to use two placeholders:
Use two placeholders in a single app, new_ticket_background placeholder to listen for the above event, and save that data to DB,

and new_ticket_sidebar placeholder to retrieve the data which you stored in db (on new_ticket_background), and show the information.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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