Automation is not working for status update in changes

Hello team,

Having an issue in the automation rule while updating the status of a change from any to closed
After crossing the stages from open to pending review the status is changed to closed as the expected behavior a note should be created but it failed to create a note.

Please assist me with this issue as soon as possible as it high priority…

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Hello @Anish, can you show us that this workflow is set in the “Change” section for Workflow Automators? You will want to make sure that it isn’t set to run on “Tickets”. As a status update on a change would not trigger one set to only run on tickets. I know this sounds trivial but I have made that very mistake before :slight_smile:
Hope that helps! Take care!


Yeah @Zach the automation is done in changes

Hi @Anish

Is the automation activated? From the screen shot it looks inactive only.


@Sachin_Kumar I noticed that too, good eyes! Also may want to check the order of workflows you have in place before this one to see if they may be impeding the ability for this one to get triggered.


Thanks a lot, @Sachin_Kumar & @Zach

Sorry for the inconvenience team I should have noticed that it’s working fine now.


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