Axios Libraries version deprecation

Hi experts,

We are using axios for below purposes in server.js file

  1. API calls(POST, PUT, GET)
  2. Converting attachments in base64 format
    I observed that axios is failing multiple times while converting the file and sometimes it fails in API calls also.
    For attachment conversion, we are first fetching attachments from link and converting it to buffer and then to base64 encoded format.

Can you please confirm if the below-mentioned libraries are still supported in FD or if it needs changes?

"dependencies": {
    "axios": "0.19.2",
    "buffer": "5.6.0"


@Dev_Aditya ,
Good Day!
Can you please give us the exact error when you are trying with Axios?

yeah this is still supported, you can use any library you want, we didn’t deprecate this


To my understanding, Freshworks Platform will talk to the npm repository being the scenes to make the version of the library available to your app. So versions are usually directly correlated with the published package on the npm repository itself.

Thanks @Saif @Santhosh ! I am getting 429 error message very frequently on axios API requests. Can you please help me understand why this can be caused?

This is probably not related to Axios. APIs usually use status code 429 (Too Many Requests) to say you have hit rate limits. Can you check this with the APIs you are calling?

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