Base64 inline image in Freshdesk ticket are removed

Hi there,

if I try to create a ticket with the Freshdesk REST-API inline images are removed.

As description there is a text like this:
foo <img src="...5CYII=" alt="foobar"> bar

But in Freshdesk the text of the ticket is
foo <img alt="foobar"> bar

It looks like the the base64 content is removed. I tried several images without success.

My question: Are base64 inline images removed automatically? How should I handle these kind of images ?

@derlangemarkus ,
Good Day!
Freshdesk will remove redundant code because of the security issues,
instead of base64 image, try using CDN here?


Thank you. Now I use AWS S3 to store the images. The inline images are replaced with a link to the place where the images are stored.