Beyond frustrated

I have been building rest apps for my whole career and have experience dealing with over 2 dozen different companies and their dev communities. I hope Freshdesk team can take this as constructive feedback:

Every interaction I’ve had with your company over the last 10 years has made me feel that I want to quit my job.

All I want is a developer account so I can test my app for your platform. Why is that so, so hard? I’ve been in touch with your support for over a month. Had the same issue last year.

I had to contact Zendesk once 5 years ago and they gave me an indefinite developer account for their platform. Never had to contact them again. Why can’t you do that?

Why do your developer accounts expire in 3 months? Do you really think people are looking at developer accounts as a way to avoid having to pay money? Beyond frustrated

I get where you’re coming from, and I’m really sorry for the headaches you’ve been facing with setting up an extension with the developer account on Freshdesk. It sounds like a real pain, and it’s definitely not the run-around we want you to experience.

Your feedback is super valuable to us, and we’re on it to make things better. If you need a hand with the extension or anything else going forward, just give me a shout.