"Build for modules"

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On the updated developer portal we can see the “Build for modules” tab. There is nothing that is displayed there yet. Can we get more information on what this modular approach is and how it impacts existing or new apps?


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Glad you asked, @j.couwenberg

We have been intensely working on an implementation where developers at build time can build an app for a module, and your app will automatically run on one or more Freshworks products where the same module is a functional unit.

Here’s an example — Maybe you plan to build a bookmark app or URL shortener. It is useful for agents using Freshdesk, Freshsales, or Freshservice to provide customer & employee experiences. Today’s approach will make you build an app for Freshdesk, Freshsales, or Freshservice separately.

Here’s our dream — You should be able to build the app and declare modules in the manifest to be service_ticket, deal, and service_ticket. The app will render in the placeholders on the above products at runtime by the platform.

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