“build” step for apps

Do we have any plans to allow a custom “build” step when deploying/installing apps? During this step, apps can run shell commands to perform tasks that command-line based dependencies or build tools require.

Case #1: Prisma ORM: Prisma can be deployed to Heroku, Vercel or Netlify (and even AWS Lambda) because all of those platforms allow developers to run commands as part of a build step. Setting up a Prisma project requires you to run prisma generate && prisma migrate deploy. But this won’t work in a Freshworks serverless app because those two commands can’t be executed. So the developer’s only option is to take the middleware route. (See the thread on ORM in Freshdesk Serverless)

Case #2: TypeScript apps (Or anything that compiles to JavaScript): That way, developers can write in TypeScript and have the code compiled at build time by the platform. Current approach requires developers to compile using tsc locally and pack the compiled file.

The second case was what I was looking for but I haven’t found a way… I’ll say it’s a pain having to compile TS every time an app deploys. I wish Feshdesk took TS more into account as more people start using TS instead of JS


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