Bulk update api endpoint

I deployed an update trying to use the bulk_update endpoint, when I deployed it I got inconsistent results. I received both 202 and 400 bad request responses for the same queries.

Also in going through the errors and tickets associated with the errors, I found some of the tickets were updated accordingly and some weren’t.

How is the job processed in the bulk_update endpoint and are there any resolutions to the inconsistencies I’m facing?

Hey @Daniel_McGhee1,

The bulk operations happen in the background and are asynchronous.

Are the errors 202 and 400 for the view ticket API or the status check with job_id?

Those are the response status’s I get when calling the bulk_update endpoint on the freshdesk api.

I’m aware that they are asynchronous but they seem to be inconsistent.

I would assume that a status 202 Accepted would mean that the job would run and the ticket would be updated, and that a 400 bad request would mean it didn’t go through.

When I went through the tickets that failed(didn’t have the correct updates) some of the bad request status’s were updated and some weren’t but that also was the case for the Accepted status.

Are the updates handled sequentially?
Sometimes one of my tickets can be updated a few times in a minute, would those update in order?

Hi @Daniel_McGhee1,

Have created ticket with Freshdesk support to help understand and also debug the inconsistency.

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