Bulk Upsert API Unique Identifier

We are building an public app for the Freshsales, in that we are using bulk upsert leads api for one of the use case. As per the documentation id and mobile_number are the default unique identifiers for the leads module in the Freshsales classic.

But when we tried upserting a lead data with mobile_number as the unique_identifier the API is throwing the following error.

Please find the payload that we are using below,

We have tried that same payload with emails as unique_identifier also but the same issue persists. We are replicating the curl as exactly in the freshsales API documentation. Can you please help us with this?

@Thamaraiselvan ,
It looks like by default there is no unique identifier configured in the classic accounts by default. You can verify this by going to the Admin Settings for Leads.

Same issue is happening in Upsert API, but the error was easy to understand.

Once the email or mobile number is set as unique field in the Admin settings, you should not see this issue in both Upsert and bulk Upsert API.

Update the Admin settings with the necessary unique fields and then try Bulk Upsert. It should work without any issues.

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