Call api: /api/v2/search/contacts?query=[query]. => response is [ ]

Hi, I create a contact and phone number is 0353293254.
I try it query : /api/v2/search/contacts?query=“mobile:0353293254”
=> response is [ ].
My condition has been changed to not 0353293254 anymore but 353293254?
or show me how to search for conditions by +84353293254

This is the code in my project

Hi @Duong_nguyen_hoang1!

I’m not sure if I understood, but perhaps what you are looking for is to encode the uri with encodeURIComponent:

context: {
mobile: encodeURIComponent(phoneNumber)

phoneNumber “+5545999999999” will become: “%2B5545999999999”

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thank Samuel !
I will try

Thank Samuel
it worked

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