Can a unique_external_id be applied to an existing user?


we have a user with an email but without an unique_external_id.

then we create a ticket with this users email AND an unique_external_id.

we have the problem that the unique_external_id of this user is not updated.

the background is that a user can use our contact form with or without an ID depending on the login state.

can you bring in some light how this behaves?


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Hi Mike (@mycashbacks_Support),

I hope, your query is in the Freshdesk product.

When a new contact is created, any of the unique information or unique_external_id is used to create the contact entry for the requester.

When a ticket is created by the requester with unique_external_id which was not used to create the contact during their first ticket, it’s not updated. If the email is available, the contact is found and mapped to the ticket using the email address.

Only when creating the contact for the request for the first time, the unique_external_id is stored and the requester can be found later with the same.

If it’s not in your control how the user sign in when creating their first ticket and unique_external_id is not captured, you would have to manually update them with Update Contact API if you need it to be updated for contacts saved with other unique identification.