Can CC emails be included in outbound email created through API?

I need to perform exactly the same procedure we can do by the Freshdesk UI when creating a New Email, but via API:


I believe it is the same operation as creating an outbound email.

Assuming this is the right operation, there is a difference: through the UI I can include CC email addresses…

…while through the ‘create outbound email’ API operation there seems to be no way of including them. I expected it to accept the same ‘cc_emails’ value as in the ‘Create a Ticket’ API operation, but it seems it doesn’t.

So, is there any way of including CC emails when using the API command to create an outbound email?

Thanks a lot!

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@Numord ,

Did you ever get an answer for this or find a workaround? I too would have expected there to be a cc field just as there is in the create ticket API.



No, I didn’t. I just published this today, so I’ll give it a few more days before I try any other workaround.

Thanks for the interest anyway!

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