Can I add or remove contacts from a list via REST API?

I would like to know if there are any APIs that would allow me to Get/Set a contact list. I’ll be writing a serveless app to do this but I’m fine with REST APIs.

I thought maybe GET /contacts/ would return lists but it does not based on REST API docs.

Likewide, I was hoping PUT /contacts/ would let me set a list property but I don’t see this property in the REST API docs.

I need to be able to put people into a list from a serveless app based on external events. I’m hoping someone konws how I might go about doing this.

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Hi Steve,
Have you tried contact views? Freshworks CRM | Refreshingly new CRM & Deal Management Software


These are not the same as lists, are they?

I specifically need to add to list to facilitate a journey I’m creating.


Hi Steve,
Could you give it a try with Freshmarketer API Docs
Assuming you’re the customer of FCRM, and Freshsales public API does not have list functionality.

Teja Kummarikuntla