Can I change z-index of the freshdesk widget launcher button?

Hey, How can I change the z-index of the launcher button?

It’s currently set to 2147483000. I want to change that value.

Because it’s inside an Iframe. It’s impossible to do it with CSS. I tried Javascript, But I couldn’t do it because the Javascript code runs before the widget is initialized.

Is there another way to do it? In my opinion, This should be customizable.

Screenshot 2021-01-28 at 13.42.50

Hi @BassemIbrahim,

Is this z-index set for the iframe or the element inside the iframe?
The iframe’s z-index can be changed.

Sample code:

document.getElementById('launcher-frame').style["z-index"] = 2147483001

I tried that. It works but only with setTimeout because the iframe takes a bit to load. That’s a bit hacky, It was wondering if there is a better solution.

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Hi @Raviraj,
Is it possible to change the window size?
For example, open in full screen.
I’ve already tried:

document.getElementById('launcher-frame').style["height"] = custom-height-value

document.getElementById('launcher-frame').style["width"] = custom-width-value