Can I Update Ticket Via API Without Setting Required Fields

I am coding a serverless app that updates some ticket values on ticket creation. There are some values that are configured to be required by agents and the ticket will not update unless they are given values. Is there any way to bypass the requirement when making updates with a server less app? I want to ensure they they remain empty and agents update them when they update a ticket.

I have contemplated having the app temporarily making then not required and then switching them back once the ticket has been updated, but I am sure that will create a race condition when multiple tickets come in close to each other.

Note - These fields are not customer required, but are required when an agent makes an update.

Hi David,
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If I understand the question, you are trying to build a serverless app in which when a ticket create event is received, you are trying to update the ticket with some fields using an API call. However, the update is not working because some of the required fields are not present in the body of the API call.
Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Ideally, while creating a ticket itself, the required fields would have a value ( unless they are not set as required while creating the ticket ). Also, unless you are not closing the ticket ( in which case, you need to set required fields which are marked as required only when closing a ticket ), you need not update all the required fields.

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