Can not add "dev=true" to the url


I am trying to create new app via Freshworks CLI.

I created the app: fdk create
I run: fdk run

And then I try to add ?dev=true to the url ( but after loading the page the “?dev=true” disappearing from the url and the app is not appearing at all.

I added the domain to Insecure content on chrome as mention in the documentation.

What can cause this?
Roy from ESL

fdk version: 8.6.6
node version: v14.21.1
chrome version: 107.0.5304.88

Hi @Roy ,

Welcome to the community :tada:

Shared details like fdk version, node version & chrome version are almost similar to mine & looks valid. Templated app using freshworks cli should work without issues. Can you share us the app zip or HAR file to understand this better?


Hey @mariappan,

Thank you for your reply.
Not sure HAR is, but about the app zip - its the simple “fdk create” quickstart, “your_first_app” that the fdk privodes (Quick Start)

Hi @Roy ,

“your_first_app” template is working fine. HAR format is a JSON-formatted archive file that records all network interaction between a web browser and site.

Please follow the steps over here to generate one - How to generate HAR file to export and analyse network request logs?

Not sure which app location you’re trying & manifest contents - that’s the reason I’ve asked the app zip. I’m also attaching the zip that’s scaffolded the same way & working fine for me below just to cross verify with yours (if any). (4.4 KB)


Hey @mariappan
I tried using the file you sent, I updated the node version to 14.19.3 like yours, still not working.
When I append the dev=true, it just dissapearing after the page finish to loading

The HAR file is to big to upload here (45.5m)

This is the file I tried to run:
.fresh.rar (4.4 KB)

After adding dev=true to the url, it is dissapearing and “current_tab=details” appearing instead

Hi Rob, can you share a screenshot of the same here?

Also, for HAR log - try uploading it in drive & share the (read) accessible link here.


Hey @mariappan

After several tries, Ive manage to fix it:
All I needed to to is to combine “current_tab=details” and “dev=true” together like this:

dev=true not working independent for some reason.

Thank you anyways!



I have also noticed this to be an issue when trying to test applications locally while using Freshservice’s Modern Ticket UI. Tickets are appending “?current_tab=details” to the ticket properties page. as an example

This is causing interference with our current documentation. I can confirm that how @Roy managed to solve the issue does in fact work. My questions are should the product team fix the url endpoint to end in just the ticket id? Is this going to interfere with API calls? And should the documentation for both the FDK and the additional logging when using the FDK reflect the new url while using the Modern UI?

If we are going to need to simply combine “dev=true” in with the current appended query string, then we should be sure to make an announcement to the Developer Community to save our developers time in search for a solution.

Thanks @Roy for going through and finding a solution. I am glad I stumbled across your post, or I would have been pulling my hair out looking for a solution lol.

Take care,

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Hi @Zach ,

Agree, will pass on this feedback to our team & will check how this experience can be improvised. Thanks for sharing your solution here @Roy .