Can third-party client ID be obtained via oAuth?

after OAuth processed, access token and refresh token view the local storage in a fresh desk.
I need client id show the local storage is possible

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It is not possible to access/store the Client ID in Frontend. Can you explain the use case you are working on so that we can suggest any alternates?

Janani V.


fresh desk and Trust pilot integration.

1)business unit review finds
“Authorization”: “Bearer <%= access_token %>”{businessUnitId}/reviews

2)Find a businessUnitId
Returns the business unit given by the provided name
API Key=client_id
Authentication: API Key{name}
The client Known as the business unit name only.
2 Case Only the Apikey method is used to find the business unit_ID

I understood the first part. Making a API call to endpoint to get the json about the reveiws. But in the second part, if I understood correctly, you need client_id to be used as api_key to make a API call and find the names of “business units”

The problem is Trustpilot gives you client_id in the response, and you want to make use of it to make the 2nd API call.

Did I understand this correct @Sudhakar_R?
cc: @Janani_V

@Sudhakar_R, Were you able to Accomplish OAuth which you aimed to implement in the first place?

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