Can we change ticket created by field name to customer's name

When ever I create a ticket through API it uses the login user name on ticket created by on the left top corner, Can we change that field name to customer’s name of phone number through API?

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Hi Furqan,

When creating/updating a ticket you can specify the requester by using the “requester_id” attribute.


Hi @Flow

requester_id does not changes “ticket created by” User Name as shown in the pic

I Have to change this name through API.

And I tried changing the requester_id but it does not make any changes.

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Hi Furaqan,

I don’t really understand what you’re trying to accomplish.

If you want to create a ticket via API you can pass the User ID of the requester. This will set the desired requester as the “Created by” person.

Could you please elaborate a bit more and maybe provide some examples?


Hi @Flow ,
I just need to change this name to my customer phone number.

Hi Furqan,

You can’t just have a phone number as the “Created by”, it needs to be a contact.

If you create a ticket via API you can pass the contact ID and that will set the correct “Created by” contact

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And which parameter do I have to use requester_id or any other.?

Hi again,

One way to get the ID of a contact is to do it manually.
Navigate to a contact within Freshdesk and then check the URL.
There you will see a string of numbers, that’s the ID you need. (see the picture below)

Then when you create a ticket via API, you make a POST towards
And in the payload include the requester_id attribute with the ID that we manually got in the step above.

Now when you make the POST the ticket will be “Created by YOURCONTACT”

Yes Exactly this is what I have done before:
Now please look into my steps

1-Copy the contact ID of saved contact manually

2-My API request to create ticket with same requester_id as shown

3-The ticket has been created by AYAZ MEHMOOM which is account admin and I was expecting it should be created by Furqan Mahboob the ID I have just used.

Hi again,

Ahh yeah now I see, Freshdesk will take the name of the agent that is tied to the API key.
So if you don’t want a specific persons name to be there you could create a new agent.
And use that agent account as a “service account” that then is used for all of the API calls in the system.

Sorry that I could’t help you :confused:


Thank you so much for your precious time.

Best Regards,

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