Can we get access token or refresh token by using oauth 2.0?

I want to integrate freshteam using oauth 2.0.
If my company is “abc” and we are using developer account. Now other company “xyz” with normal user account comes to my company and authenticate their company using credentials so, we can get data of their company(“xyz”).

so for that we need access token or refresh token when we successfully authenticate. So is there any possible way or APIs ?

Does this mean, when your application accesses any of the Freshteam APIs you want to access them using OAuth mechanism instead of access token generated from the Freshteam UI ?

Hmm… Usually, what developers do is build an installation page where they get the details of their own subdomain from the user if building an external app, or data-bind (if Freshworks app) . During runtime, app uses these details to consume the right API endpoints.

You may need access token. That too only once. Here’s how an user can get their API key and submit to your app.