Can we increase the timeout for api calls in dev server (fdk)?

hi ,
i am trying to create an app in freshdesk , while developing i find it very hard to make calls to third party api’s . as requests timeouts after 5 seconds.

can we increase the timeout while developing the app using fdk ??


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Hi @Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd ,

If you need to increase the API request timeout, it is not possible when using the request method. Alternatively, you can use another method, such as axios, only during development. However, it is not recommended for use in production.

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Hey @Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd

You can increase the timeout for testing.
Please find the how-to here: Freshworks Developer Docs | Use request method to place secure HTTP calls


hi @ThomasH
that doesn’t work i have tried it.

Hey @Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd,
You can try REQUEST_TIMEOUT=10000 fdk run. Let me know if this is what you tried.

And what timeout value are you increasing this to?

hi @zach_jones_noel
i have tried the same , but i ended up with this error

Hey @Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd,

Noticed you are on Windows, can you set the environment variable on Powershell with REQUEST_TIMEOUT and the value and then run the app with fdk run?

Let me know if that works.

i have set the env variables on powershell , still it doesn’t work

After setting environment, fdk run should be able to run the app.

@zach_jones_noel does REQUEST_TIMEOUT=10000 fdk run works in mac ?

@Marri_Sri_Rahul_Sidd, yes it works in Mac. For Windows, ideally setting as environment variable would work.

Also, the limits for timeout are -
Minimum value for REQUEST_TIMEOUT: 5000
Maximum value for REQUEST_TIMEOUT: 10000

@zach_jones_noel i have set 15000 in windows , should i reset it ??

Yes please, reset to 10000 and try running the command fdk run.

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