Can we make applications accessible for certain Agents?


I am looking to build an application that would only be accessible to a specific list of agents. For example, an admin application, where only Agents with the Admin Role would be able to see and use the application. Is this something that is possible in freshservice?

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@Zach, Although there is no direct solution, to solve this problem we can share some workarounds with certain caveats. How ever, I’d like to know the use case for which the app can be helpful. Is it a custom app that you are trying to build?

Hello @Saif

Yes, I will be building some custom applications that I want only Admin Agents to be able to use. One is a Third Party Chat integration for major incident notifications. Another is an integration with Azure DevOps for admins, and lastly is a Admin Panel for managing freshchat agents.

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I have two options that I could suggest with along with the caveats that can help you build this custom app.

Option 1

  1. App can capture the list of Agents in the Installation page of the app.
  2. When ever app loads, app can use the Data API to know user logged in. App can perform a check with the configured users and show a unauthorised page to remaining users.

However, agent can peek into browser’s developer tools and may bypass this check and have the page rendered since the code is client side.

Option 2

  1. App can capture the list of Agents in the Installation page of the app.
  2. Move the check(Opt 1 > #2) into a Server Method Invocation function and have a Boolean returned.
  3. Based on the Boolean, you may show authorized page or unauthorized page.
  • SMI request for every app load will not be scalable.
  • Maybe temporary cache with expiry can be set to allow/disallow for a certain period (probably a day) based on SMI response.
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Hello @Saif

Thank you! Both are great resources and potential options that I will consider. Is there plans on the roadmap to allow the installation of applications on a per user basis in freshservice? I see that in our Agent profiles, that there is an area marked “Apps”, to me this would indicate that an application could be installed and accessible for one agent but not another.

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This is very great feedback @Zach. There might be usecases where Agents can use the apps that can help them. Nevertheless, I will note this down and share with my product manager.

However to answer your question, we don’t have such plans for as of now.

Do you mind if I request you to share this on Feedback Category as well? The votes it might get can give us assurance that will benefit more developers and help Product Manager to prioritize this feature.

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