Can you change listener port for fdk run

Is there a a way to change the the listen port for the fdk run command?

By default it listens on localhost:10001. Can this be changed?

I would like to be able to run both a custom “servless app” and a custom app at the same time.

The command line help for fdk is pretty sparse but it appears this is not available.

I think the port cannot be changed as of now. We also do not know why one would want this.

Thank you for creating this topic. I understand you want to run two custom apps simultaneously on different ports

Do you mind sharing the problem or use case that you are trying to solve? Trying to understand why would one need two apps to run on different ports at the same time. Are these to interdependent in any way?

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Thanks for clarifying.

The reason I wanted to do this was to run the following together:

  • Custom app that updates a custom training module (this is used to track a contact’s training courses they have registered with and are taking). This provides a app that shows up under Integrations in the Contact page to list the training the contact is subscribed to and provides a list of actions that the sales owner can take such as extend training.
  • Custom training serverless app that processes changes made to the training module and updates contact record (also gets external event form our online training service and updates contact’s progress in the training module. It also updates account when contacts are certified to show account also has that certification.

In dev environment, when i test, each app performs read/write REST API calls to the corresponding contact record. So I was hoping to be able to test both against the same contact record at the same time.

As example I might make following change:

  1. Run Training App (GUI App), change status to Certified
  2. Exit Training App
  3. Run Training Serverless App, Simulate OnCustomModuleUpdate and make sure changes are applied to Contact record.

This is not a critical need. I can instead do this manually or I guess I can run them on 2 separate computers.

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