Can you stop a closed ticket from being opened again when you call the create reply endpoint in Freshdesk API

I want to add a reply to a closed ticket without opening it again. I know I could use the API to close the ticket again automatically however I believe that will have a detrimental effect on reporting?

Hey @RobAtOpinyin

Do you want this to happen for all tickets? Or just specific tickets that you add replies to via API?

The ticket reopen is essentially an automation rule that is set up under Admin–> Automations as shown below.

So if you do want to disable this you can turn off the rule. However, if you want this to specific tickets, you can modify Automation rule with a condition to check for a custom field value or source etc. That way you should be able to control which tickets re-open on reply.


Hi Arjun,

Thanks for that clarifying that. Very helpful.

I thought it was an internal system function rather than an automation. The reply we want to add will come from a responder so it shouldn’t trigger the automation rule.