Cancel Approval requests for Change through API or Workflow Automator

Hi All,
I have a requirement where I need to cancel an existing Approval in a Change Request and allocate new approvers.
How can I achieve this programatically or through workflow automator ?
The current API only supports cancellation for Ticket based Approvals and not Change Approvals. Can you enable API for Change as well or atleast through Workflow Automator.
This will be useful for scenarios where if a certain approver is away and the change needs to be allocated a new approver through automation.
Kindly let me know if this is possible ?

@Freddy is there any way to achieve this case?

Hi Gopi,

As Shrikini mentioned, the current API may not support cancellations for Change Approvals directly. However, you can consider using a workaround to achieve this using the available API endpoints.

Here’s a suggestion using the API:

  1. First, retrieve the existing approvals for the Change Request using the API, and identify the approval you want to cancel. You can do this by fetching the Change Request, and then look for the approval you want to cancel.

  2. Next, update the approval status to ‘Cancelled’ using the API. Keep in mind that this might not be a direct API call, so you’ll need to find a way to update the approval’s status manually.

  3. Once the approval has been cancelled, you can create a new approval with the new approver using the API.

This workaround is not ideal, but it could help you achieve your goal until there is official API support for Change Approvals cancellation. As for Workflow Automator, it doesn’t seem to have a way to cancel approvals currently.

Please let the respective team know about your requirement so that they can consider adding the necessary API support or Workflow Automator features in the future.



For step 2 above we want to avoid manual cancellation. Is there any way through API call to cancel the approval ?

Apologies for the confusion, Shrikini. Unfortunately, as of now, the API does not have direct support for canceling Change Approvals. You may not be able to cancel the approval through an API call.

You can still reach out to the respective team or raise a feature request explaining your use case and the need for an API call to cancel Change Approvals. They might consider adding this functionality in a future update.

Meanwhile, you could explore customizing your Change Management process to incorporate automated workflows that would handle re-assigning approvers in specific scenarios.


The workflow automator will not run in case of multistage approvals. The requirement is to cancel approval through automation so that multi stage approval workflow can proceed.
I have noticed only a single workflow automator rule is operational during a change lifecycle. Any update to a change still doesnt trigger another workflow in case a workflow rule is pending. Hence the need for an automated cancellation. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

I understand the complexity of your situation, Shrikini. It appears that the Workflow Automator is limited under the current configuration, and the API does not provide the necessary functionality to cancel approvals directly.

In this case, I strongly recommend reaching out to the respective team or support channel with detailed information about your requirements, the challenges you have faced, and a suggestion to incorporate API support for canceling Change Approvals or multiple Workflow Automator rules during a change lifecycle.

This feedback will help them understand your use case better and possibly prioritize implementing the required support in future updates. For now, you may have to rely on the provided tools and customization options to best fit your organization’s specific workflows.


Hi @shrikini ,

Can you please reach out to the below email with more details about your use case, he will help you on this.

Hi @Gopi ,
Thank you will reach out to him.

@Freddy ,
In the meanwhile I will also raise it with the FreshService Product team as well.


Hi Shrinath,

That’s a great idea. Raising your concern and providing details about your use case to the FreshService Product team will help them understand the need better and may lead to the development of new features or an enhancement of the existing tools.

Remember to include the challenges you’ve faced and how the addition of support for canceling Change Approvals through API calls or improvements to the Workflow Automator would benefit your organization’s change management process.

Your feedback will be valuable for the team in making decisions about future updates and enhancements.

Best Regards,