Cannot able to find api key in client.iparams.get() method

I have created a simple freshservice app and I am trying to get API key in app.js by below function.


“contact”: {
“display_name”: “Contact Details”,
“description”: “Please enter the contact details”,
“type”: “text”,
“required”: true
“age”: {
“display_name”: “Age”,
“description”: “Please enter your age in years”,
“type”: “number”
“contactType”: {
“display_name”: “Contact Type”,
“description”: “Please select the contact type”,
“type”: “dropdown”,
“options”: [
“default_value”: “Email”
“domainName”: {
“display_name”: “Domain Name”,
“description”: “Please enter your domain name”,
“type”: “domain”,
“type_attributes”: {
“product”: “freshservice”
“required”: true
“apiKey”: {
“display_name”: “API Key”,
“description”: “Please enter your api_key”,
“type”: “api_key”,
“secure”: true,
“required”: true,
“type_attributes”: {
“product”: “freshservice”

client.iparams.get().then (
function(data) {
function(error) {
// failure operation

In browser I am able to see all parameters excluding API key.

Anyone suggest how to access api_key parameter?

Hi @akash.pagare

You’re not able to access the secure iparam values through client.iparam.get(). For more info please visit the installation settings page.

If you want to authenticate your API request, please use the request method to make API requests. The request method will append your api key.

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