Cannot update value in a hidden ticket field

My app need to store some metadata (like a timestamp) into new tickets and new emails. To achieve this we created a Custom Ticket Field to store this value.
The issue is when the field is hidden, the data we set is not saved although the field exists and the method setValue of ticket property field is successful… but in the end, after the ticket is created there is no value anymore into the field.
If the field is not hidden, then the value is correctly set into the field.
Is there some rule about editing values into hidden / not hidden ticket fields?

For information our code here to set the custom field value:

function set_custom_field_value(val) {
      if (this.custom_field) {
        this.client.interface.trigger("setValue", {id:, value: val})
        .then(function(data) {
          // data - success message: we always land here
          console.log("set_custom_field_value Success", data)
        }).catch(function(error) {
          // error - error object
          console.error("set_custom_field_value Error", error)

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