Cant able to sustain the selected dropdown list from iparams

Please check the below video that, after installation and saved to the iparams page, cant sustain the Values. in channel and groups

Hi @Abdul_Ghani

Have you used iparams.json or iparams.html in your app?

We used iparams.json in our app

can I get the iparam code for those 2 fields so that I can use them in my sample test app and check what’s causing the issue?


iparam.rar (21.8 KB)
please find the iparam.json and iparam.js codes

Ok. I will check and get back.

Okay, sure, we are waiting for your reply.

I tried to reproduce but I am not facing any issues. Will try the same app in windows and check if i face any issues.
Screen Recording 2023-03-16 at 11.49.13 AM (2.5 MB)

Meanwhile, I will share the test app. please check if you face issues with that app in your test account. (4.9 KB)


checked in windows chrome browser and it works fine. Can you share in which os and browser you are facing issues?

Can we go on a call, so I can explain exactly what I’m facing for better understanding

@Thakur_Ganeshsingh can you provide any help here?

As per my app, I’m calling an endpoint and fetch the channel names, so getting on a call will helpful to solve this issue.

Hi @Abdul_Ghani ,

Kindly schedule something on my calendar using this link


Meanwhile - @zach_jones_noel , thoughts?

Hi @Abdul_Ghani,

I’m not able to view the iparam.json or iparam.js.

Correct me if I’m wrong -
The app in iparam.js invokes an API endpoint to get the channel list and the options are dynamically bound to the select options.

Are there any id’s that is used for identifying the channels? And can you check if the value assigned post API response has the selected value? In the app execution, can you successfully retrieve the iparam values selected for channel and group?

iparam.json.rar (11.9 KB)
please find the iparam.json file, as you mentioned, I am able to fetch and retrieve the value through endpoints. However, I have noticed that the value does not persist after a lookup. The selected values are vanished if user reopens the installation page.

@zach_jones_noel @Thakur_Ganeshsingh followed on what we discussed by fetch the dropdown values before installation, even the values are not sustained. Please your support on this.

Hi @Abdul_Ghani,
With the custom iparams page too, the select values are not persistent? Can you share the zip file? (26.0 KB)
please find the Zip file.

Hi @Abdul_Ghani,

This is using iparams.json, the way to handle the dynamic options based on API response would be to develop custom iparams page with iparams.html which will define the select HTML component and in iparams.js call the API and in the response, set the options -

document.querySelector('#selectID1').options = [{
          "text": "Option text",
          "value": "option value"

Then using getConfigs() to assign the values to respective HTML components. and postConfigs() to send the selected/updated values.

If you need additional clarity, we can connect over office hour.