Can't access DB form the custom iparams page during app update

Hi everyone,

It seems that as of late, the Data Storage feature is inaccessible for the iparams page of a custom app, specifically during the app update process.
Here’s an example, using our Freshdesk-Instagram integration app. During the iparams init process, we need to grab some data from the storage - in this example, I’m focusing on the record where we store the target URL used for external webhooks. When I’m opening the settings page as usual, everything is working fine, and we’re able to receive the data:


However, the same action consistently returns the 500 error when we try to apply the app update:


Can we get a comment on this? The issue affects our ability to apply updates to the custom apps, so it would be nice to have this fixed.

Hi @VladislavNechepaev

Sorry for causing any inconvenience from our end!

Unfortunately, Data storage feature cannot be accessed in iparams before the app is installed or updated as the necessary app details needed for data storage will not be available in the backend before app install or update. We will take this as a feature request.

Thanks and Regards,
Mughela Chandresh

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