Can't login to developer portal


It’s been some days now that I cannot login to the developer portal for several customer accounts:

Clicking in the “Go to Developer Portal”

Redirects to:

And I can’t login using neither organization url or account url.
What’s happening?

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Hi @samuelpares ,

Do we get any errors while login into the developer portal or can you add some more details about the issue?

The default behavior should be, clicking in “Go to Developer Portal” opening the portal already logged in. Since it’s stopping on login page, I try to login using org url or account url, but both redirects again to login page, without any message.
Logs from console:

My agent is Administrator in the account

Hi @samuelpares

Hope you are doing good.

Could you please add me as an occasional agent with admin privileges in that account to debug the issue further?


Thanks in advance.

Hi @Mughela_Chandresh

Not sure if something is wrong with the portal but none of my apps get published. I receive an email about a technical error and the apps are stuck with a greyed out button “Publishing in progress”.

Hi @samuelpares

I cannot proceed further as each time it asks for a login

Mughela Chandresh

You need a daypass… can’t you create one since you are from freshworks? If you can’t, let me know that I’ll ask one daypass for you.

@sabatale it just happened to me now in my test account…
So some accounts I can’t even login and for others, publishing returns an email with error.
Could someone please update us if the portal is facing technical issues? If so, what’s the ETA for the fix?

Hi @samuelpares and @sabatale

Sorry for any inconvinience. Please raise a support ticket and the respective team will fix it.

Mughela chandresh

Hi @samuelpares

Can you check whether the issue is resolved?

Mughela chandresh

@Mughela_Chandresh I just tried, same error.

Yeah, I was able to log in now, but could not publish the app due some error. I already raised a ticket about it.

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